I provided this information directly to Evan Moreland as well... I'm very happy with the job they did on the house. The colors look great, and my house looks respectable again. :) The crew worked very quickly and professionally, and were thorough in cleaning up at the house. All our interactions with them were very positive - they did a great job. The price point was right where I wanted it to be. I would definitely recommend CertaPro to others for the quality/value of the work.

Having said that, the one area that I thought fell short was in communication, particularly around the process. Improvements in this area could help improve overall customer satisfaction. We were called prior to the start of the job and told they would be out on Thursday to power wash, and that two days after that they would be out to start painting (Saturday) - weather permitting in both cases. We were told that the power washing would be between 9-11 in the morning. The weather was not cooperative, and we didn't see them in the morning. We weren't sure if we should still be expecting them during the day or if it would be rescheduled to another, so called for clarification. We were told that they would wait until the next day during the same time frame. So we went about our business. Later that evening, they showed up unexpectedly around 6 pm or so. It happened to work out because we were here, but it was a surprise since we were expecting them the next morning.

Since we had been told they would show up to paint two days after powerwashing, we didn't expect to see them again until Saturday. We had plans for Friday, and had rearranged Saturday's schedule to be here when they first started, but then were supposed to be away from the house in the afternoon. However, early Friday morning they showed up to paint. We were not prepared for them at all - we hadn't yet moved the shed (and its contents) so they could get to that part of the house. It resulted in a scramble to get that moved for them, and I had to cancel plans I had with my sister-in-law in order to be here.

On Saturday, they said they anticipated being finished between 12-1, and that one of us would be required to be here to review the work and sign off on completion. Again, because I already had plans for the afternoon I had to cancel them in order to be here (the other residents of the house had to work). When we originally confirmed the process with the office, we were told that we didn't actually need to be here any time other than when they first started painting. Net, it worked out but the difference in what was communicated and what happened was a bit annoying and resulted in some last minute changes of plans.

Overall, a VERY positive experience and we'd recommend Certa Pro. But I'd recommend tightening up the communication and process a bit. I would expect changes because of the weather - this went a bit beyond that.

Jennifer J. | Florence, KY
July 14, 2017

Ben L was great! I changed my mind on colors a few times, and he adjusted things with no problem or complaint! He was prompt, courteous, and very professional.

Brenda R. | west chester, OH
July 14, 2017

They were, the people that worked here, were aiming to please. There was some difficulty in communications. So, other than that, they worked well, and they were always on time. They did the job in a professional way.

Edgar C. | Milford, OH
July 13, 2017

Overall, a very nice job. Paint went where it was supposed to go and not on the bricks or vinyl siding. Coverage was smooth and evenly applied. The extra task of spackling around an interior window and painting the repaired area was well done. The only issue was that I had to check to make sure that every last area that was supposed to be painted was actually painted otherwise there would have been a couple of missed areas

Norman F. | Cincinnati, OH
July 13, 2017

They arrived when they said they would and the work was finished exactly when they said it would be. Most of all, the people who came to do the work were just the sweetest people.

Jane M. | Cincinnati, OH
July 11, 2017

Did a great job!

Mary Ann J. | Florence, KY
July 6, 2017

Rubin the painter was excellent with a great attitude and super work performance. He did a great job..

Jim & Sandy K. | Florence, KY
July 6, 2017

The two people who repaired the drywall and the two who painted my condo, were hard working professional people. I would say they did an excellent job, very neat, excellent results, no missed spots.I would certainly recommend this company to others.

Curry O. | Southgate, KY
June 30, 2017

Great work, excellent customer service and always willing to help out when we are in a pinch for time. Definitely recommend!

Tony B. | Milford, OH
June 30, 2017

The men were very efficient, cleaned up each day they were here. Very happy with the job done. Thanks!

Nancy G. | Loveland, OH
June 29, 2017